As A Business Owner, There A Few Things You Need



A 2 Hour Workshop Teaching You How To Show Up As A Powerhouse

Understand what confidence really smells and tastes like

Build your business already!

Learn The #1 thing you need to be good at to WIN

Stop The Spinning & Spending

The Confidence Code

Imagine a more confident you!

There is so much advice out there around confidence...

This workshop aggregates, all into one place, everything that I have studied and learned about confidence and I am passing it all along to you in the step-by-step way you need to take to claim your birthright here on earth.

And that is to be wealthy!

In all areas, financially, environmentally, and in your own mind.

There is wealth to be claimed and it is waiting for you to be confident enough to go after it.

“Low self-confidence is like going through life with the handbrake on.”

This is not just theory - this will change the direction of your life forever!



A 2 Hour Workshop With Templates

Understanding Where To Post

How To Know Exactly What To Post

Templates, Templates, Templates

Posting With Real Results

The Visibility Code

You didn't start a business to stay small.

Social Media is TRAFFIC!

You need traffic absolutely, but many put the cart before the horse.

Many are driving the wrong people to nowhere or to a damn website.

There is no thought or strategy put into posting and as a result, many do not have any idea what to post where.

Imagine knowing exactly what to post where.

Imagine the best coming to you and purchasing your SERVICES.

I have created the ultimate social media strategy for businesses today.



Join Me For A 3 Hour Action Packed Workshop

How To Set The Right Goals For You

How To Live In Possibility

How To Plan Your Time So You Accomplish Your Goals

How To Remove "Busy" & "Overwhelm"

Possibility & Productivity

You think you have a "time management" issue...

This course will ultimately change your life.

Taking and implementing the knowledge from this workshop will take your life truly to the next level.

It is all about paying attention to your life and thus fulfilling what could truly be the destiny of your life.

I will give you all the tools and knowledge you need and with just 90 days of executing this process every single day and every single week.

I will introduce you to the concepts that will remove the confusion and overwhelm. You will take out the busy. You will take out the stress. You take out the crazy.

You will have results that are predictable, that are reliable, and that create a sense of peace in your life.


Pamela is a master of how to get, sell and retain clients!

Pamela has helped me completely change the trajectory of my business. She guided me in figuring out who my ideal clients are, how to target them, and how to seal the deal!

With her methods, I not only have an efficient plan for each day but a model for how to continue supporting each client in a way that makes them excited to work with me.

I now know how to get new clients to buy into my services and to sell my services at a price point that is truly what I'm worth rather than at an hourly rate.

Mandy Barrett, Owner

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