About Pamela


You’re driven, focused and serious about your business- a real straight shooter.


You spend at least twenty plus hours a week learning all you can, researching every course that promises to lead you to paying all the bills and a vacation in one month, and journal daily to keep your mindset in check with your mission.

You can feel it.

Balancing on the edge of major financial change and you know that as soon as it happens you’re going to levitate into the sky like a red-flaming phoenix from the ashes and soar into your first six-figure year.

There’s just one (BIG) problem…

You have absolutely no idea how to put it all together to get those kind of blazing results in your business.


I’m Pamela.

And I’m the match to your flame. The spark to your inferno. I proudly help untangle the doubt, worry, and uncertainty in your business… and get you flight ready to dive bomb deals and collect all the cash you can handle.

I do this through my group coaching program– Fierce Freelancers.

Or to put it another way:

I look at every piece of your business as it stands now, break it down and help you construct a marketing strategy, operation system and group support plan that makes sense specifically for your business.

And we go through every step together, hand-in-hand.



Why do I do it?


Because not too long ago, I was you.

I knew I had the potential to do great things and serve others despite the overwhelming odds I faced growing up.

Dysfunctional parents.

Dysfunctional relationships.

Repeatedly abused by those closest to me.

Warped sense of self-worth.

When I say the odds were stacked– we’re talking fifty stories high!

I had to scratch and claw my way through life and figure out how to stop the cycle of abuse and get myself free from the toxic environment that was hell-bent on following me.



Then one day, I learned two things:



“I saw my results triple in less than a month, and so did my drive to succeed. If you are in need of a boost in your performance and confidence, Pamela will deliver.”

– Julia Lucidi Marketing Manager at American Eagle Consultants, Inc.

“After one call with Pamela I had an exciting vision for consistently bringing new leads into my business…I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Kelly Bourne, kellybourne.ca

“In just a short 45 minutes, Pamela got me refocused and pointed in the right direction with a mix of honesty and tips channeled directly from her higher marketing genius…She’s lightning in a bottle, this woman!” – Mackenzie Fox, Founder, Nest & Prosper nestandprosper.com