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My coach told me if I was his daughter he would suggest I quit...

I had been trying to build an online business for about 2 years when I decided to hire a "BIG" coach.

We were on our third coaching call when he said IT. And he was right, I had to shit or get off the pot. He gave me a number of ways to go get clients and I did None of them, not a single one. It was exhausting!

Use this area to tell your story. Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

So I quit!

I'll build another "different" business instead.

That would be easier... It must be the type of business I was doing... HA HA HA.


I still came up alongside the same issue. ME.

We can only run from the truth for so long before it catches up with us. There was no more money to continue "Playing" business.

Push came to shove - either get clients or get a job.

So, I hired a guy, he gave me a set of steps to take to get clients, I took the steps (in between episodes of nausea and sweating) and BEHOLD, I got clients.

It was a miracle! or so I thought! It wasn't.

It was a series of taking the right steps.

Building an Online Business?



What Happens Around Here

Live Workshops - Immediate Implementation

Possibility & Productivity

You think you have a "time management" issue...

What if "procrastination" and "lazy" are not real things?

What if the goals you set for yourself are the wrong goals - for you?

What if it was not a "planner" issue?

There is nothing wrong with you! You CAN achieve the dreams and goals you have for yourself, your family, and your life.

The Visibility Code

You didn't start a business to stay small.

You know you need to become more visible online so what is stopping you?

I think you are not being honest with yourself and are trying to do what others are doing and not what is best for you.


Most people's understanding of confidence is wrong...

Low self-confidence is like going through life with the handbrake on.

I am going to show you how to show up as a powerhouse in your life and in your business.

It's time, isn't it?

Hear From A Few Of The Amazing Women I Have Worked With!

Here’s What They Are Saying

Together We Can Accomplish So Much!

Stand Up To Stand Out!

Marketing in 2022 is not for the meek.

You “try” to choose a niche that you think is going to be profitable.

You “try” to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

You “try” to get clients...

And Crickets…

You are missing a key ingredient.

Why you need more than a niche in 2022.

Learn The "Key" To Getting High-Quality Clients.

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