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Should You Be A Gohighlevel Affiliate Or Start A SaaS business?

January 19, 20237 min read

This is a decision that took me way too long to make.

So I was hoping this post would help you make a better decision faster.

There are five things I think you need to consider when determining whether you want to be a Gohighlevel affiliate vs a SaaS business owner and one thing I think is actually going to happen as a result.

I have been to 2 events for High Level this year - The SaaSpreneur event and the Level Up Conference.

I sat with 2 of the owners of Go High Level, Shaun Clark, and Robin Alex along with Chase Buckner and Paulson.

I also sat with Josh Nelson who's the Seven Figure agency gentleman and many other business owners and tried to figure out for myself what it is that I wanted to do.

I learned a lot…

So, here are the five things I think you need to consider:

First Up - Location

Where are you located? 

I personally am a Canadian who is living in Mexico with not great Spanish and local businesses were the majority of recommendations for High Level success.

They were all adamant that local businesses were perfect for High Level because once you get into other business types the level of support and the level of different funnels and marketing campaigns and needs that these different businesses have is greater. 

The workload/support around other businesses is going to be higher and will require more time, energy, and money, so they felt local businesses were very powerful.

The Second Factor To Consider - Your History

The second point they kept asking me about was what do you know, what's your history.

I work with coaches, I work with service providers, I work with people who are wanting to build a business online and they felt that that was a difficult niche.

Now what I'm saying to you is these are the opinions of others and I want to give you a little bit of insight but we also know that there are many businesses that have defied the odds.

I wouldn't take this as an absolute but I could see where they were coming from because with coaches there are 17 different funnel types.

They need all of the pieces of the software and it does become support heavy building up these types of marketing systems for people.

Now I did talk to people and I work with people who are supporting business coaches along with people that are starting an online business and it's become very successful and the reason it is is that they already have point #3. 

If you would like to move forward with a Go High Level 14-day free trial I can help you get started.

Click Here To Get Started 

If you prefer to watch:

Factor #3 - Influence

Point number 3 that is important to consider when determining the Affiliate vs SaaS route is: do you have a following and/or influence?

I did not. 

I was well known in my little tiny circle but I did not have a huge list or a million people on Instagram following me so if I made an announcement that I was starting a SaaS, it was going to be from Ground Zero versus bringing on hundreds of people at a time.

This makes a huge difference because I can support a SaaS business if I have 100 users and if I only have 1, 2, or 3 at a time it's a long slog. You may give up before you really get started.

It is important to think about your following the influence that you have in your niche or the niche you want to go into is very very important and for myself, I didn't have that so - affiliate it is.

This then takes us to number 4….

Fourth - Your Passions

What are your passions and or your history?

Do you know real estate well - I mean you've been one, you've done it, and you've worked with real estate agents in the past.

Or you’re a coach, you've been a coach.

You are a plumber or you were married to a plumber so you know the ins and outs - the pain, the heartaches that business owners go through so that you can understand and create a really great offer and brand it really well.

It's important to know that the majority of my history is with coaches and online service providers who are very very different.

They build websites. They build funnels etc. 

This was another factor I took into consideration when I made this decision and I think it's really important that you understand what it is that you do know really really well.

This leads us to point #5….

Point #5 - Lifestyle

The last thing I think that really helped me decide was determining what type of life I want to live right now.

What kind of lifestyle did I want?

I built a digital marketing agency and I loved it but it became bigger than me and I was working so much. 

I was in that client game and it is very challenging as you know if you've built a digital marketing agency, it's a lot. 

I recently moved to Mexico and decided I wanted to slow my life down. I wanted to make some different choices for myself and my lifestyle.

My needs financially are a lot less than they would be living in Vancouver, Canada where I was so that helped me make the decision because I know I don't need as much money to live here.

I don't need that “million dollar” business.

So the determining factors for myself were:

  • I love helping people with the software so here were tying in my passions.

  • I know what I want.

  • I know what my goals are and they will fulfill my lifestyle.

  • I know how to do the tech and the back end and build funnels and get the snapshots and everything you need.

  • I love teaching and training.

I know my skills well and I don't have that influence….

So for myself, I made the choice to become an affiliate.

The Final Surprising Point…

You will eventually do both - I think it is important to determine what you will lead with.

The other thing I've noticed with the people that are building SaaS agencies is that eventually people, their users are breaking off and wanting to start their own SaaS.

So inevitably you're going to be able to do a little bit of both depending on where you want to step out into the marketplace.

I have people on my white-labeled version of High Level that are there and they're my little clients and they're happy and I'm delighted. 

You get to decide how you want to get started with High Level.

If you'd like to discuss what's the best way for you, I would love to chat. Click here to speak with me.

If you would like to move forward with a Go High Level 14-day free trial I can help you get started.

Click Here To Get Started 

If you would like to move forward with a Go High Level 14-day free trial I can help you get started.

Simply click on one of the links below and I will reach out and set up a call with you to get you up and running on High Level.

I look forward to working with you.

Go High Level Home Page -

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Pamela Dale

She has over 10 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, and coach, helping powerhouse entrepreneurs innovate and grow. Pamela is an official HighLevel™ Partner, certified as a Master Marketer by Funnel Gorgeous Society™, and trainer for some of the biggest names in the online education industry, including Peng Joon, Jody Milward, and Julia Taylor. She believes that the only way to run a profitable (and freedom-oriented) business is to add a monthly recurring revenue stream. Pamela lives by the beach in Mexico with her husband, eats tacos every day, and loves helping amazing entrepreneurs change the world.

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