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Check out this detailed online tutorial that will teach you how to add an order form to your sales funnel for your online business. This ClickFunnels tutorial will walk you through ClickFunnels design and tech that will make your sales funnel build a breeze. #pamelajoandale #salesfunnel

We’re continuing our ClickFunnels training. Today’s tutorial will be all about how to build an order form inside your ClickFunnels site.

If you would like a copy of the exact funnel I use in this tutorial, just click here.


Why You Should Keep Your Order Form on ClickFunnels (Tutorial)

Why should you keep your order forms in ClickFunnels over putting it on another site? Because you want to keep your customers on your site for as long as you can until the order is complete.


Attention spans these days are measured in seconds and that means that if you don’t grab their attention and offer a strong call to action to get them to complete the task you want them to complete, they’re gone.

And customers who leave without buying is no bueno!


ClickFunnel Order Forms: Simplify The Customer Experience

An order form will make it convenient and easy for them to stay and buy. Not only that, it allows you further opportunities to help meet their needs by offering additional products as Order Bumps.

Today’s ClickFunnel order form training should take about 30-45 minutes, so stay with me. Once you understand how to create the order forms, they’re quite easy. But with as anything new, give yourself the opportunity to learn.

If you’d like my personal checklists I used to create and build my funnels, just drop a message down below and I’ll absolutely share my funnel building checklists with you. They’re quite extensive and they work really, really well.

What Can You Add to Order Forms to Increase Conversions?

The downside with order forms is that most people don’t like filling them out. Your job is to make it as painless and streamlined as possible for them. The most important factor for you to consider when creating an order form is to understand the User Experience.  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and play out the experience of sitting down and filling out your order form. How does it feel? How long does it take and what are the quality of questions being asked?

Additionally, here are a few more things you can add to your order form to improve your chances of higher conversions.

Verifications Seals.  Increase the credibility of your site and ease the concerns of buyers by adding verification seals. These act as instant stress-relievers and let your customers know that they have nothing to worry about when entering their credit card information on your site. We want our customers to know, like and trust us, right? This is another step in that direction that also builds their confidence in you and your products. Make sure you use a secured payment processor and say as much on your site so they know they can be assured their payment information is secure.

Testimonials. Social proof is a HUGE leap ahead when establishing trust with your audience. They want to know that others have had positive interactions with you and they’ve come out the other side better for it. I can’t tell you how much of a benefit having testimonials and other social proof can propel you ahead of the process and build a large following fast, even if you don’t have that audience in the beginning.  Testimonials can also give your customers an idea of what kind of experience they can expect.

Always collect testimonials and other forms of social proof! They have no expiration date and can be used repeatedly for different marketing campaigns. The more the better. Add a blurb in your order form asking customers for permission to reach out to them in the future to ask for testimonials.

Exit Pop-Ups.  Some visitors will try to navigate out of your order page. Exit pop-ups are an effective strategy to deter that. If you do this correctly, it can work quite well. Give them an opportunity to reconsider leaving by offering them discounted prices or a free trial offer. Incentivize them to stay!

Include a Guarantee. This doesn’t always have to be a money-back guarantee. Sometimes you can offer a guarantee around time or bonuses if your product or service doesn’t meet their expectations. This alleviates a lot of tension in customers who would otherwise feel hesitation about handing over their money to you. A better way to attract the eye to your guarantee would be to add a seal image rather than text alone.

Reinforce the Features. Make sure your landing and sales pages reinforce each other. Visitors will have two chances to see and reinforce in their minds what you’re offering and why they should buy now.


How to Create A ClickFunnels Order Form

Okay, so now that you have a little more information about how to format and use your order form, watch the tutorial to learn how to build it. If you have any questions, drop me a message and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.



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