Lacking Confidence in Your Business? Here’s How to Show Up As A  Powerhouse.

You don’t get confidence until you make a commitment.   How to gain self confidence as a women in online business can be a huge hurdle. Learn how to gain confidence by exercising courage and commitment to self, and overcome the struggle in your business mindset. #pamelajoandale

But before that, you have to have the courage to follow through on that commitment.

I talk to women over and over and over again who say to me:   

“I want this. I really do.”   

“I want to build a business.”

I want money. I want the life that I want. I want to get over this.”

“I want to make a difference.”

Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve heard it a million times coming out of my own mouth. So what is it that’s really in the way of what you want? Do you ever ask yourself that question?

It’s a vital question to ask yourself because that’s where the truth lies. We’re out there scrambling, and jumping from course to course, to searching on Google, to reading blog posts, creating an idea and getting excited about it, to dismissing it 30 seconds later.

Around and around we go on that hamster wheel for YEARS always ending up exactly where we started.

Until you get to the point where you create such an unpleasant and dirty association with owning your own business that you ultimately give up forever believing it can’t be done.

I don’t want that for you. I know you don’t want that for yourself.


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You’re here to change the world.

You’ve got something that’s been laid on your heart. It’s something you’ve conquered.

  • Something you’ve accomplished.
  • Something you’re passionate about.
  • Something you know will really make a difference in the world.
  • Something that can really give you the lifestyle you’re after and absolutely entitled to have.

I believe that’s why we’re here– to expand and grow as God made us, but also to help others in the meantime.

We really underestimate just how important confidence is on our journey, both as a woman and as a successful business owner. It’s really important because you need confidence in business.

Why is self-confidence important?  

It determines how much you’re going to accomplish in your life.

Your Level of Confidence Determines How Much You Will Accomplish in Your Life

Sit with that for just a moment and let it flip you out of your chair. Wow, right?

Did you realize how vital confidence plays a role in your success?

I mean, maybe you understood it was important, but that it is actually going to determine the volume of success you have?

That’s kind of crazy that we’ve been undervaluing it all this time, don’t you think?

You Don’t Get Confidence Until You Make A Commitment.

First of all, you don’t get confidence until you make a commitment.

Most people think that they’re going to find the confidence first, and then they’re going to go out and get business.

What you need to understand is that you don’t get confidence in the beginning. It isn’t automatically issued to you like a uniform.

First, you commit to yourself and to your clients that you’re going to do X, Y, and Z.

Next, you have to gather the courage to follow through on that commitment. Courage is a necessary ingredient.

You can’t charge a hill or ask for the sale without it.

Then you carry out your commitment by doing the necessary tasks required. That means if you have to rinse and repeat every day until it happens, that’s what you do.

  • Even when it’s boring.
  • Even when it’s no fun.
  • Even when you want to give up.


Get My Free Confidence Guide To Help You Show Up As A Powerhouse


You Need Courage, I Need Courage, We All Need Courage

In fact, that is all you need.

You had it all wrong all along.

So the first thing that’s happening is we’re putting the cart before the horse.

  • You’re the horse.
  • You need to be the horse.
  • You need to be the one that’s out front.
  • And that takes courage.

What drives courage?

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, I’ve got to have something bigger than me out front. I’ve got to have something that’s drawing me further and further ahead for me to move. That way whatever’s scaring me is behind me and overshadowed by my desire for what’s ahead of me.

Can you relate?

Low self-confidence is really like going through your life with the handbrake on.

Have you done that? Gotten in your car, thought you turned the brake off, tried to drive but didn’t go anywhere?  I’ve had a dozen of those experiences.

Can you feel that in your life right now?

Can you feel the handbrake on? Acknowledging that is the first step. Maybe it was set by someone else many, many, many moons ago, but as a grown ass woman, you’re in charge of releasing that.

Let’s release it and move together. How does that sound?



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