Are you overwhelmed by trying to manage your business on Facebook? If you have lots of pages or ads accounts that you manage, it can get to be too much very quickly!  Even if you only have one business page on Facebook, it’s easy to get pulled right into business mode every time you open up Facebook…but it doesn’t have to be that way!  

Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool that provides a way to separate business on Facebook from your personal Facebook account! 

The biggest benefit of having a business account for Facebook is that you’re able to separate your business and your personal Facebook. Another amazing benefit is having the ability to add people and assets to your account and keep them all well-organized. 

Business Manager also provides an easy process for setting up and managing your Facebook Pixel. We’ll cover that in depth in another post.   

Now, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up a Facebook Business Manager account. If you’d prefer this in video format, you can watch it right here. It’s actually quite simple, and you’ll appreciate having this valuable piece of online real estate available to you!  

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager


Head on over to Once there, you’ll go through an easy, two-step process to get your account connected

  1. Log in to your Facebook account. This connects your business account to your Facebook account so it can find information about your business page(s).
  2. Set up. You will need to enter your first name, last name, and an email address. I suggest you use a different email from your regular Facebook email so that you can get business notifications through a separate account than your personal notifications.  Once you’ve added all the correct information, click “continue.” 

And that’s it!  You’ve got a Facebook Business Manager Account! 

Next, you’ll be asked to add your pages. You’ll have the option to add as many as you want to here, but don’t worry about adding them all just yet.  We’ll go over adding additional pages a little later in this post. Now, you’ll see a page like this: 


screenshot: Facebook Business Manager


Now, I do have multiple accounts because I do have an agency, so my page may look a little busier than yours does at first.  But, this is basically what it will look like for you when you first log in. 


Setting Up Your Cover Photo


Now that you’ve arrived in your Business Manager account, you’ll want to set a few things up.  First, you’ll see a grey square on the left with a small camera that you can click on to add a photo.  On mine, you’ll see my headshot with my logo in the background. 

Next, to your photo, you’ll see any ad accounts and business pages that you’ve brought into your account. However, if yours is blank, don’t worry!  We’ll go over adding pages and ad accounts shortly. First, we’re going to make sure the right people are added into Business Manager. 


Adding Someone to Facebook Business Manager


You will see a blue button at the top on the right-hand side that says, “business settings.” 


screenshot: Facebook Business Manager


Click on that. 

You’ll end up on a page similar to this one:


Add People Facebook Business Manager


When you click on “business settings,” it takes you by default to the screen where you can add people to your business manager.  To add someone, you’re simply going to click “+ ADD” next to where it says “People.” 

Enter their email address, and choose whether they are going to be an employee or an admin.  It’s important to select the right option here. An “employee” doesn’t have the same access as an “admin” so make sure you’re choosing the correct one! Now, that person will get an email, and once they accept the invitation, they will be added to your Business Manager account. 

You can choose which pages each person will be assigned to and what level of control they will have. If you ever have problems with someone accessing a page properly, double check to see how many little “people” are associated with their name next to the page they are on and that will tell you if they have full or only partial access!  Full access is shown by five little “people.” I’ll show you how to change this in another video. 


How to Manage Multiple Facebook Pages


Adding additional pages to your Business Manager is also very simple.


screenshot: Add Pages Facebook Business Manager


  • To the far left of the screen, click “Pages.”
  • Click “+ ADD” next to where it says “Pages” in the middle section.
  • Choose “Request Access” if you’re adding someone else’s page, or “Create a New Page” if you need to make a new one.

As you work, you will be able to add different people and different assets to individual pages. Once you’ve added in all of your pages, you will be able to easily click back and forth between them, making the process of managing your pages very simple!


Business Manager and Ads Accounts


Next, let’s look at our Ads Accounts. Once again, if you look to the far left of your business manager, you’ll see that right below “People and “Pages” is “Ad Accounts.” Click there and you will see this screen:


Screenshot: Create An Ad Account Facebook Business Manager


Here, just like with people and pages, you can “+ ADD” and are able to create a new ad account, import an account you already manage, or request access to an account from someone else. There is a limit to how many ads accounts you can own. Currently, that is set to 5 separate ads accounts.  However, you can access and manage many more than that by requesting access to someone else’s account if you manage their ads for them. 

When you are setting up a new ads account, you’ll need to enter some information:

  • The account name – This is very important, and you want to be careful how you name your ads accounts so that you can manage them later.
  • Time Zone – This is also important because your time zone setting will impact when your ads are displayed, including start and end times!
  • Currency & Payment Methods – The dollar value here is very important, particularly if you’re working across international lines. If you haven’t already, set up your payment methods here. 


Running an Ad from Business Manager


Now that we’ve got Business Manager all set up and our pages and accounts linked, let’s look at how you’ll run ads through Business Manager. Up in the left-hand corner, you’ll see the little “Hamburger” menu with three horizontal lines. 

Click here, and you’ll see this menu:

screenshot: Settings Facebook Business Manager


Now, you’ll choose Ads Manager.  Remember – Ads Manager and Power Editor recently merged, and so you will no longer see the option for Power Editor. 

This will take you to your Ads Manager. You’ll need to pick which ads account you want to manage, and everything else will look similar to what you’re used to, although Facebook has been doing some serious updates to Ads Manager. It’s much more streamlined than it used to be as Facebook removes some less-used options and combines others.  


A Note about the Facebook Pixel


You are only allowed one Pixel for each Ad account, so if you need multiple Pixels, you will need multiple ad accounts. As I mentioned before, you get up to 5 ads accounts through your Business Manager, which means you can have up to 5 Pixels.  

To set up your Pixel, you’ll head back over to the far left of your Business Manager home page.  Select “Pixels:”


screenshot: Creating A Pixel Facebook Business Manager


Your Pixel is what tells your ad account what happens when people click on your ads that go to your website. We’ll talk about the Pixel and how to set it up in another post.  


Switching Between Your Personal Facebook and Your Business Manager


Switching back to your personal Facebook account is simple. In the upper right-hand side of your Business Manager, you’ll see your Business Name.  Click on that, and a menu will drop down with your personal account below your business name. Click on your personal account, and it will take you right back to Facebook as you know it! 

Now, if you go to your business page, you’ll see that you are no longer able to post to it as the business. You can still post as yourself, but you will have to go back to Business Manager to post as your business. The whole process is really streamlined and powerful through Business Manager. 

Now, you no longer have to worry about which profile you’re using to post to your business page! Once in Business Manager, it’s so easy to switch.  You never have to wonder if you’re accidentally posting as yourself when you wanted to post as the Page, or posting as the Page when you meant to post as yourself!

Go on out there and harness the power of Facebook to run your business!Facebook Business Manager is a powerful tool that provides a way to separate business on Facebook from your personal Facebook account, plus it allows you to easily manage your pixel. In this tutorial, I’ll take you through the process of setting up the Facebook Business Manager account, so you can get organized! #pamelajoandale #Facebookbusinessmanager #Facebookpixel

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