Funnel Hacking Live 2018 was a life-changing experience!! So many incredible marketers and influencers gathered together to take the stage and share their stories and their passion. I just want to say that if you have the chance to go next year – take it! You’ll never regret it.


I’m going to take a little time to share some of my biggest takeaways from FHL 2018. This won’t replace the experience in any way, but it will give you a little sneak peek into the incredibly rich messages shared by today’s leaders in the digital marketing space.


Each one of these links out to a video where I share a little more in-depth about each message! I’d love to hear in the comments which one impacts you the most.



Kaelin Poulin – The Identity Switch


This presentation really knocked my socks off, this is a message that all women need to hear!  Kaelin is the founder behind the “Lady Boss Movement” a group that supports women in their fitness journey.  She turned her “Lady Boss Movement” into a $10M+ business. That. Is. Amazing. How did she do it? She knew her clients and she wasn’t hung up on being liked by everyone.  She believed in her message and her product so much that she didn’t go out and “sell” anything!


Her clients were drawn to her by the culture she created.  


Attract Your Culture– Kaelin created her “tribe” based on her beliefs, she created a community based on those beliefs and everyone who related to her message joined her group.  Why is that so powerful? Everyone in her group now has a safe place that can share their thoughts and opinions with like minded people.


Create a Identity Switch– Kaelin created a “Lady Boss Manifesto” a written message that conveys not only her beliefs but her purpose.  Her manifesto is relatable and it connected everyone in her community.


Find your group and give them a cape!


Once you’ve identified and united your community you need to give them a cape.  A cape? Like a Superman cape?! This is exactly what Kaelin did! She took her brand and created bracelets, drinking cups, shirts and sweatpants and started selling them to her community.  A physical representation that her folks can be the superhero in their own lives. It’s a constant reminder that they are apart of a larger community supporting each other is successes and failures.  It reminds them they are not alone.



Natalie Hodson – The Power of Vulnerability


I want to tell you about an incredible woman, Natalie Hodson. She spoke about the Power of Vulnerability, and she nailed it! I have the honor of being her funnel builder and I just adore this woman.  She helps women with pregnancy issues, but that isn’t where she started.


Her journey started in the health space, but really took off when she shared a very vulnerable video on social media about her belly and how pregnancy had given her stretch marks. This video went viral and she began to realize how much power there is in being open and vulnerable about your struggles.


Vulnerability is the ultimate human connector.  It’s so scary, but vulnerability breaks us down and makes us feel small, but it also makes us more human. It may make you feel alone, but to others, it looks like courage.


You know, if you look perfect all the time, all people will want to do is tear you down! Hurting people (and we all hurt) don’t relate to perfection.


People NEED to relate.


So, share your story and let others see the real you!


Natalie shared four simple steps to writing a great, vulnerable post:


  1.       Start with what you are struggling with.  She shared that one day she was so overwhelmed and just had to take her kids to McDonalds so that she could feed them and get on with the day.
  2.       Show yourself some grace in your post!  People need to know that it’s okay to fall down as long as you are willing to get back up and keep going without judging yourself and wallowing in the failure. Sometimes we just really, really need a little bit of grace, and we also need to see others showing themselves grace.
  3.       Relate to other times in your life when you’ve struggled. Use the past to frame how you can be different in the future.
  4.       Don’t leave it there! In the McDonalds example, she didn’t just leave it at McDonalds. She shared that yes, it wasn’t the best choice, but now that I’m moving on, this is how I’m going to make better choices.


Here’s the thing.  When you know someone’s story, it’s so much easier to cheer them on because they seem so much more real.  


The true beauty of this is that when you fall down, a warrior can rise up.


These type of vulnerable posts get shared all over and have HUGE engagements, because everyone can relate. Sharing your down moments gives you great credibility and opens up the door for you monetize as you share your journey with those who follow you.


Create a product and an opportunity in your storytelling moments! Stop just being an expert and be YOU!! Who is climbing the mountain behind you? Your followers need to know that you are a real person with a real story and a real journey.  Allow people to follow your journey!



Conversation Domination with Russell Brunson!!


You all know that Russell Brunson is a brilliant marketer.  He said this about his conversation domination message: “You’re going to learn how to get your dream clients addictively binge-watching you on every platform.”


You’ve got to have full and complete domination over the conversation in your market! And that will only come with conviction!  It’s got to be about building your culture, about being vulnerable, and about being present. Russell said that you must believe in your message so much that you’re willing to be EVERYWHERE for all people.


Domination takes time

 You’ve got to take it little by little. You can’t dominate four or five platforms before you dominate one. It takes a little bit of time to get your message straight. Start with one and grow with it!


Which one? The one you want to dominate is the one where your clients are! If you don’t know who your clients are, figure that out first! If you don’t know who your clients are, you won’t be able to find them.


Find the channel where you can be a star. There is a lot of noise out there, so you’ll have to make some noise yourself! Make sure you mix the noise with your personal story and vulnerability.


Master Distribution

 You’ve got to get into everyone’s home! In the past, that was TV.  Everyone watched television and that was how they heard the message.  Today, we have a television in everyone’s hands – all day, every day! And the channels are all of the apps like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.


Three Types of Traffic

Distribution comes from three different types of traffic.  Russell shared how we get traffic from different sources, and we need to master them all!


  1.       Traffic that you can control

Facebook Ads are an example of traffic that you have control over. You tell people where to click, what to do, etc. And that drives them through a specific path to the place you want them to go.

  1.       Traffic that you can’t control

SEO is an example of traffic you can’t control.  You can’t control what people search for and what they click on.

  1.       Traffic that you own

Your list is an example of traffic that you own.  You have them as your captive audience and can send them exactly what you want them to do.  We’ll cover more of this in future sessions!


Dominate that Platform!

 Once you figure out which platform you’re going to dominate, you need to build your presence there. You know I’ve got a show, right? Every Thursday, I have the Funnelspirations Show. It’s a huge part of how I’ve begun to dominate my platform!


Russell relates Instagram to a Reality Show. Facebook is like a talk show, YouTube is like a sitcom, Podcasts are the radio shows, and Twitch is your sports channel. These are great analogies to help you understand a little bit about how the traffic on each of these channels is going to act differently.


Which Channel is the Most Important One to Dominate Today?

 Guess which channel you need to dominate today?  According to Russell Brunson, it’s Instagram! Instagram is the most important because it will document your journey and the relationships that will be built as you share your attractive character. You can publish 20 to 30 times every day to get lots of exposure. Once you get to 10,000 followers, you can have people use the swipe up which will send them directly to your funnel!


To be honest, I had disregarded Instagram and IG stories, and I have 14,000 followers! I definitely need to step it up here and use this resource. I can do some stories, I can do behind the scenes. I’m always learning, so I can share a little bit of that through Instagram, so you can get to know me better and learn with me!


Be Discoverable!

 People need to be able to discover you when they are searching you out. Engagement and building rapport is really important, especially when you build on the right platform!


Why do we love ClickFunnels? Because they are demonstrating the journey, using funnels to build their business. In this noisy world, ClickFunnels is the best software out there to build your business online!  If you need help with your ClickFunnels, contact me:


Funnel Audibles with Russell Brunson



The key takeaway from this talk was that you need to nail your funnel.  Just ONE funnel, not 43 funnels! We tend to get too excited about our funnels and make they more complicated than they need to be.  Russell pointed out that a simple funnel is best for a lot reasons.


Here’s why: Your funnel will probably FLOP the first time out, and maybe even the 5th time out. If you spend weeks and weeks building a complicated funnel and it flops, then what?


Work smarter, not harder!

ONE good funnel is worth 10 lifetimes of hard work. Let me say that again.  One good funnel is worth 10 lifetimes of hard work! It’s the same money no matter if you bust your butt working hard to get it or you’re being smart and using the right tools.


Complexity is not the way to go when you’re building a funnel.  You don’t need a funnel that is 21 steps long! Break it down into several smaller, less heavy funnels with great offers, and it’ll be much easier to work on if something goes wrong. If it flops that first time out, it’ll just be a matter of tweaking it.  Make sure to plan for failure at first and set in place a process to work through fixes.


The Funnel Hacker Mindset

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just start out by creating something fast, knowing that most funnels start out badly.  This is what funnel hackers do – they find a funnel that works, then change it to match their needs. Then they test it and tweak it until it does what you need it to do!


Once your funnel is up, watch the marketplace.  If it’s not chucking its Credit Card at you, you’re not doing your job right and you need to make some changes.


Two metrics you need to pay attention to for every funnel: your CPA and your ACV.


CPA means the Cost per Acquisition, or how much does it cost to acquire a customer?

ACV means Average Cart Value, or how much does each cart earn you.

You need to make sure your CPA is less than your ACV. For example, if it costs $10 to get a lead into your funnel (CPA), and your ACV is $9.95…your funnel is losing you money and it is NOT scalable!


Watch the numbers on your opt ins, your upsells and downsells, your trip wire, etc. It’s most important to get your CORE offer to convert! To do this, you must listen to the marketplace. They will decide what they want from YOU, and not from your competitor.


Believe in Your Offer

All the little things are what really matter the most in building successful funnels. That and having an offer you believe in!



Dean Holland The Ultimate Funnel


Are you attracting the wrong type of clients and can’t figure out why?  Everything starts with being crystal clear on the type of client you want to serve and what your offer is to the world.


My biggest takeaways were:

  1. Start with a clear back end in mind to attract the right client, what is the ultimate result you’re looking for.  WE WANT BOTH LEADS AND BUYERS.  These are not mutually exclusive.
  2. Be super clear on what and who you want to serve.


If you don’t have any buyers, clients or customers; you’re doing something wrong. It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate your offer, are you really serving anyone?  It takes A LOT of courage to take a step back and look at what you’re offering.





Rachel Pederson The Hidden Funnel


I love this presentation on a spiritual, physical, emotional level, before Rachel even spoke I knew her message was speaking my language.  If you’re not familiar with Rachel Pederson chances are you’ve seen her social media post defending the size of her engagement ring. This post went viral in a BIG WAY.  WIth over 10,000,000 views and an appearance on The Today Show Rachel has become a Social Media Rockstar.

Build an empire not a skyscraper!

Rachel built her business and her community based on the needs of her audience.  She took the time to ask them what they needed. By tapping into their needs and truly listening to their requests her clients instantly want more from her.  Why? She understands her clients, what they want and what they need.

When others lead with it, sell your nurture. When others flashed their stripe accounts, flash your smile. When others are constantly asking for money, ask where you can offer your support and what resources they need to build their business.  These are traits that NO ONE CAN STEAL FROM YOU!

Rachel reconfirmed for me that I can still be myself, be loving, be kind, give to people, give people what they need from me, and still go all the way to the two comma club.


Dave “Kombucha” Lindenberg The Redemption Funnel



This presentation was one of the most entertaining of the week!   I found his entrance video and his story astonishing. I’ve heard about Dave in the past and I wasn’t really attracted to his message until Funnel Hacking Live.


Dave started selling home made kombucha kits online and was struggling to get traffic.  His revolutionary idea “Redemption Funnel” forced some of the top sites in the world to send all of their buyers into his funnels–FOR FREE.


Have you ever been to Chuck E Cheese?  Kids play games and win tickets, what do they do the tickets?  They redeem their tickets for a prize! We all know how kids are, they see something that requires more tickets than they have.  What’s a kid or parent to do? Get more tickets by either playing more games or simply buying more tickets. The simplest solution is to buy more tickets, it saves time and energy and BAM your upsells are incredible!


Using a redemption funnel with groupon, the customer has already paid for their offer, and they go to redeem the offer and the customer is given other options for additional purchases.

The key philosophy to not up-selling to your customers is clarity trumps persuasion when it comes to your funnel, you need to look for forward looking testimonials.  What is a forward looking testimonial? If you offer an upsell or downsell you want your testimonials on your first page to promote your additional offers.  



Allison Prince Before the Funnel Begins


Meet Allison the leader behind the #becauseIcanclan Allison Prince found her motivation to build her business out of necessity.  Her “lightbulb moment” came when she was offered food stamps even though she had a full time job! Alison had spent her life following the correct steps, finish high school, go to college, find a job and she was still broke.


Allison’s journey to the two comma club began in her backyard by cutting wood blocks and selling them online and grew her business from there.  As she began to grow her business and her customer base she raised her prices so she could spoil her people. Thus the birth of the #becauseicanclan.  


Here are 5 steps to GROW your business!


  1. A great product that others can’t duplicate, something that is unique to you.
  2. Test your products, work on the teaching process, walk the journey, document the process.
  3. Get over yourself, people need you and your message
  4. Emotions sell not the facts.  Tell your story, there is power in vulnerability
  5. You must have the proper systems in place to grow your business.


Pick one mentor when you want to grow your business.



Myron Golden The Four Levels of Value


This was not my first time listening to Myron speak, he has such an amazing stage presence!  Myron’s “The 4 Levels of Value” presentation starts with a question. Have you ever wonder why you’re making the income that you are? Do you ever think about making more?  Your income is a result of the value YOU CREATE in the marketplace.

Everything you learned about money is wrong, the principles you’ve been taught are WRONG!  Work ethic does not determine your wealth. You must be willing to be really BAD at something in order to get really good at something.  


If you’re going to survive out there today, you NEED to believe in what you’re doing, and you need to convince others to believe in you too. But, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Funnel Hacking Live is an amazing conference for online marketers, put on by Clickfunnels. Read some of the key takeaways from the conference, including simplifying your sales funnel process, where you should be spending your time to attract traffic and social media platforms to pay attention to. #pamelajoandale #clickfunnels #funnelhackinglive #salesfunnelstrategy

Need help? I’m here for you!



Let me know what your favorite FHL 2018 takeaway is so far! Drop your thoughts in the comments!

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