What is a favicon? And why is it important?

A favicon is that little icon you see on the tab of your browser next to the name of the website. Facebook has a little blue “f”.

Just a few years ago adding a favicon was a lot harder. You needed to make it as an .ico file and you needed Photoshop or Illustrator or something similar to make it.

Today your favicon can be a .jpg or .png image file making it a lot easier for the Photoshop inept to make and add a favicon.

It is ideally 32 x 32px square and a .png file (transparent background) so it shows up as a unique shape and not with a square white or black background behind it.

So why do you need a favicon?



One small but mighty design piece many forget to add in their Clickfunnels funnels is a “favicon”. I have created a quick and dirty video showing you how to add one easily and quickly to your funnels. Watch this video to see how easily you can add a favicon to your design. 


A favicon is like going out without shoes on….

People will notice – but you can still get where you need to go and do what needs done.

I am a bit of an “attention to detail” person and if I see a site without a favicon, I judge – perhaps a little too harshly.

It is such a little detail but it tells me a lot about the business owner.

Do you care about what you do, do you notice the details, do you care about the image you are sending out into the world….

I know, I know, I judge.

So if a favicon, attention to detail is your thing here is a quick video on how to add a favicon to your funnel pages in Clickfunnels.

It is quick and easy and I have a neat trick or 2 to make it easier for the first funnel and every funnel moving forward.

Let’s get you a Favicon and show the world you are serious about your business.

I’ll stop judging you then, I promise.

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