Running an online business has changed rapidly even in the last 6 months. Not to mention the changes in the past 5 years! That was a whole different world!

Due to significant changes in human behavior (largely driven by technology) websites, as we knew them, are dead.

No, you shouldn’t ditch your website altogether. It still serves an important purpose, but it will never be able to get you the results you need as a lead generator.


Your Website’s Job Used to be Generating Leads

Websites used to be the place where leads were generated and captured, but not anymore. Today, websites are no longer capable of doing lead generation work. Technology and human behavior have changed to such a degree that the old processes are outdated.

In 2018, any company still running traffic, any traffic, to a website will be struggling if that is the only marketing strategy in place.

In fact, that particular marketing strategy needs to be sent out to pasture.

Sure, you could make $40,000 a year and barely break even.


You could keep throwing money at an old system that is no longer converting the way it should.

But…if you want to reach 6, 7 or 8 figures and beyond, you need a sales funnel strategy in place.  Your website is important, but it will never generate the leads you need to be successful. For that, you need a sales funnel. Find out how business has changed and why you need to adapt a sales funnel strategy to convert that traffic! #pamelajoandale #salesfunnelstrategy #femaleentrepreneur #salesfunnels

Ignore this advice at your own peril.

How do you know if it’s time for you to have a sales funnel strategy in place?

Are you looking to grow? Then, it’s time.

Are you wanting to make more educated decisions about the steps you need to take in your business? Then yes, it’s definitely time!

Do you have a message you want to get out into the world? Yep, you guessed it. It’s time.

If you don’t have a sales funnel strategy in place for your business, you are bleeding money. And nobody can afford to do that.


Ready For A Sales Funnel Checklist

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If you’re still struggling to understand how sales funnels work and why you need one, I’ve put together a handy guide to help you make the decision.

The thing is, a sales funnel separates the window shoppers from the subscribers and the subscribers from the buyers and the buyers from the Hot Buyers.

I don’t think you’re looking for window shoppers, now are you? You’re looking for buyers – and specifically buyers in heat. You need those buyers who need what you have so badly they will buy everything you have. They are in some kind of pain and they need your solution to their problem.

A website just can’t do this. It has no way to segregate people and break them into groups so that you can target them appropriately.

A website can’t get the right offer in front of the right people, and so it ends up being a catch-all for everything about your business. After all, you don’t want to risk not answering someone’s questions, right?

This means there is so much happening on a website that people end up being confused and uncertain which action to take. And so, they leave.

All this confusion creates barriers between the consumer and the solution. It’s time to move towards a new model of online business that works today.

The job of your website was – and I say it again – was to generate leads. Not anymore. Today, your website is there for credibility when someone comes across your offer and then searches you out to see if you are legit.

They look to see if you are still in business and if you really know what you’re talking about. This is where blogging comes into play. Are you blogging and is it up to date…or does it look like no one has been there in 10 years?

If you watch your own behavior online, you’ll notice you may go to a website (you might even hang out and read for a while), but you usually leave without taking an action.

You can Google anything you want without giving up an email address, so why would you just hand off your email to a random website without the promise of anything in return?


Capturing Leads – it isn’t 2008 Anymore!

The marketplace has moved online and it’s so much more sophisticated than it used to be. Don’t let the way things used to be hold you back. Let go of the old way of doing things and join me here in 2018!

As business owners, we must create great offers – sexy offers that are packaged in a way that the marketplace likes. Then we present that offer to the world. Next, we need to find out if that offer is resonating! You could spend years doing this if you do not have the right data.

A sales funnel will give you that data.

So, if you are looking to up-level your business in 2018, a sales funnel may be in order.

Download this convenient checklist of 11 ways to see if you are ready for a funnel in your own business, and then book a call with me so we can talk about what to do next!


Ready For A Sales Funnel Checklist

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The sales funnel has replaced the website when it comes to generating leads to grow your business. Click to find out what a sales funnel is, and why you need one in your business. Start converting  traffic into leads! #pamelajoandale #salesfunnelstrategy #femaleentrepreneur #salesfunnels