Leads are the bread and butter of your business. No Butter? No bread. And if you have no bread, you have no business.

Trying to run a business without a steady stream of leads is like expecting to take your car from Florida to California on a quarter tank of gas. Your business is going to peter out before you make it across the state line.

Confused about how to get more leads? Consider a sales funnel for your online business. This detailed tutorial will teach you how to build a lead magnet funnel in ClickFunnels to generate more leads for your business. It focuses on tech and ClickFunnels design to get your sales funnel up and running. #pamelajoandale

On the other end of the spectrum, when you have a steady stream of leads in your pipeline ready to sign up to buy what you have to sell, do you know what happens? You can drive that Toyota cross-country as many times as you want!

Leads are the rocket fuel that runs your business and a full pipeline means a steady stream of cash flow.

And when you’re “topped off” you can go anywhere you want. For most of us that means, freedom.

:: It means finding the cash to take vacations you’ve spent years denying yourself.

:: It means releasing the guilt of saying “no” to things when you really want to say yes.

:: It means reframing your mindset to include a new reality where you really can afford most anything you want.

:: It means building a network of relationships who will do your marketing for you.

So you see, leads aren’t simply one part of the overall mechanism of your business– it’s the thick, blood-pumping life source soul of it.

Now, here’s the question on your brain that you want answered–

How do I get more leads?

The question itself is simple enough, but it’s irrelevant here because chances are you already know the answer.

You already know how to get more leads–

Talk to more people.

Get in front of more audiences.

Spend hours reaching out one-by-one.

The REAL question you want to ask is– how can I get more leads without sticking my neck out and getting rejected over and over again?

Ooh…that’s a painful one. Rejection, I mean. Definitely not something any of us wants to face.

  • “What if they say no?”
  • “What if they say yes?”
  • “What if they say yes, but mean no?”

Who wants to sign up for that kind of uncertainty day after day after day?

Well, if you run a business– you did. You signed up to exchange your goods and services with customers. And if your customers have no idea you exist, you don’t have a business.

So you’re going to need to get over your fear of rejection.

Remove emotion from sales. Realize it’s your job to serve your clients and customers and that means that you inform them of how you can help. More importantly, you serve them when you can.

Alright, so we know we need leads to keep our business “in business.” Now what? How about we shift our mindset from fearing rejection to welcoming empowerment by finding a way to get a steady stream of leads?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Wouldn’t it be paradise to let go of all that anxiety and stress worrying about where you’re going to find your next paying customer? Before I found ClickFunnels, I wasted so much energy and build up so much anxiety around how to find clients. We all do, don’t we? We all worry about that in our business.

What if you knew without a doubt that you could set up a way to keep clients coming in consistently? What if you knew that the plan you had in place was a rinse and repeat sure thing? How would that change your business experience overall? I’m guessing you’d be a lot happier while stressing a lot less.

Sounds great, but there’s one thing we need to do first.

We need to BELIEVE we can establish a steady lead generation system that will keep leads flowing in and producing cash. It’s absolutely possible, but unless we learn the system and believe that it is, nothing will change.

In order to do this, we need to set up a proven method for capturing leads. We accomplish this with funnels. ClickFunnels is the solution for creating any type of funnel and turning those leads into cash. Funnel structures have been tested thousands of times and confirmed to be the best way to draw in highly qualified prospects.

But none of that matters in changing your business if you don’t believe it will.

Here’s the thing, a lot of business owners like the idea of being in business for themselves, but are actually quite fearful of the results they’d get if they took decisive action.

Now, I’m not saying you’re that kind of business owner, but fear is so pervasive in the human mind that it’s best to address it all the same.

Some become paralyzed by fear.

And believe it or not, most are MORE paralyzed by the fear of success.  Isn’t that crazy?

They’re worried how their life will change (good or bad) if they succeed or fail. So many never rock that boat. They never stretch and reach beyond themselves to find out how they can succeed to the next level. And as a result, most will never reach true and lasting financial freedom.

GUT CHECK TIME—-> Which type are you?

Do you allow fear to keep you where you are?

Do you tolerate mediocrity when putting the word out about your business?

Do you rationalize a safe and comfortable existence when secretly you know you could do more?


Do you push yourself past the fear and go for it anyway?

Do you rail against what everyone else is doing and define your own path?

Are you relentless when pursuing what you want in business?

My inclination is that if you’re still reading, you’re the latter type. That means you’re willing to listen and consider new ideas and how to implement them into your business. And if that’s the case, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

A lead generation funnel will help you turn a cold audience toasty warm!

I’ve put together how to create a lead generation funnel for you. This will take you step-by-step through the process so you can save time and get it up and published. The sooner it goes live, the faster you’ll be able to start collecting cash!

All you need to do is follow the instructions and implement them into your own lead generation funnel. Once you see how easy it is, I think you’re going to wonder how you survived without it for so long.

But a word of caution.

Don’t rely solely on any system to take the place of getting into the habit of addressing your lead generation issue, even one as great as ClickFunnels. You still have to oversee the process, tweak it as needed and pay attention to your pipeline.

It’s just with ClickFunnels, this process is made a thousand times easier.

I point this out because there is a real temptation to get distracted by building funnels instead of getting it put together and launched. Like I said earlier, fear can make it easy to distract us from focusing on money making tasks. And when we are distracted, we aren’t making money.

Okay, so you’ve been adequately warned and now you’re ready to build your funnel, launch it and keep an eye on its performance.

Maybe you just watched the tutorial and you like what you see. Perhaps you’re excited about the potential for your business. But there’s still something gnawing at you. You don’t have the time to build your own funnels, even though you see how quick and easy it is. And maybe it isn’t about time. It’s about the fact that you’re not particularly interested in building it yourself, but you want the finished product instead.

I’ve got two great options for you.

Option #1: You could send this tutorial to your tech people and have them watch it and build it for you.

If you’re already paying for a support team, why not use them to your full advantage and have them learn this process so they can start building the funnels for your business. Not only would this give them the opportunity to build up a new skill set, but it means your whole team is educated in the most efficient way to build funnels. When you need a new funnel, they’re going to know how to do it faster, which means you get results faster.

Option #2: You could outsource the job to my team and we can build it for you.

If you don’t have a team, or if you don’t have time to wait for the learning curve to even out, you can give it to the professionals and let us handle it for you. We offer top notch funnel builds and a quick turnaround time. The point is, that even if you don’t have the time, you still have options to get the funnel building done quickly and launched. If this is the option you prefer, book a call with me here https://www.chatwithpamela.co

Remember, leads are the lifeblood of your business (and that will never change)

Whether you implement this solution using ClickFunnels or decide to go in a different direction, the challenge of getting new clients is always going to be a thing in business. We can look at it as an exciting opportunity to help serve as many people as possible, or we can ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist until one day we realize we’re out of cash AND clients.

And I want to just add here that when you start to get emotional about your business, whether that manifests as fear or some other emotion, stop and realize that it’s a game of numbers. The more people you reach, the faster and more likely some of them will come back to you. When you understand that this has zero to do with luck and everything to do with statistics, the pressure on your shoulder eases and you can suddenly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s never been easier or simpler to set up a process that feeds new leads into your business without cold calling every single one. The internet and modern technology have made this the best time in history to own a business. All we’re required to do is to understand how this works and apply it.

That’s it. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. We’re often adamant about reinventing the wheel instead of finding what others are doing and modeling them. Save yourself the time and do what has been proven to work. After all, more time is why you went into business in the first place, isn’t it?

It’s been such a pleasure to create this tutorial for you. I hope you find it immensely valuable and use it. The funnels work! You just have to let go and allow them to. Believe that it will work and it will. Take the steps to implement the system and you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s Review

  • Leads are the bread and butter of your business.
  • You signed up to exchange your goods and services with customers. And if your customers have no idea you exist, you don’t have a business.
  • You’re going to need to get over your fear of rejection.
  • Remove emotion from sales.
  • It’s your job to serve your clients and customers.
  • Shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance thinking.
  • Determine whether you are less afraid of failure or never trying.
  • Decide whether you are going to succeed and grow or stay paralyzed and fail.
  • Set up a proven lead generation system funnel.


Action Steps

  1. Watch the tutorial
  2. Construct your own funnel, have your team do it for you, or let’s chat about my team getting it done so you can turn that machine on and start making more money! You can even grab a copy of this very funnel I’m building and pass it on to your team here.
  3. Rinse and repeat the process for all your business streams.
  4. Take that vacation you’ve been putting off and stop working 18-hour days and trust in the knowledge that funnels work.

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