Stop jumping around and find your hot business idea!

Hold onto your pantalones!

I’m fired up this week and it’s because we’re talking about a topic that has managed to successfully fester its way into our business life like an Alabama tick on a dirty hound dog.




You know it.

You’ve done it.

Hell, maybe you’re STILL doing it.

Well, today we’re going to get rid of it once and for all. I’m going to explain why we do it in the first place and how you can stop doing it immediately and forever!

Let’s get started!Stop chasing the shiny objects! Get yourself settled and into complete clarity by figuring out how to drop the shiny object forever! #pamelajoandale #shinyobjectsyndrome, #clarity

First, the “why”

Tell me if any of these sound like you:

You get a great idea and within seconds you dismiss it, assuming for whatever reason it just won’t work.

The ideas that DO linger in your brain never make it past the “research and testing” phase.

You spend years in the hamster wheel cycle of idea–>planning–>not following through–>throwing it away–> new idea→ new cycle.

Years accumulate and you’re no closer to your business goals.

Do you ever wonder why this happens to you? Oh sure, you give reasons why each specific instance didn’t pan out.

“It wasn’t the right time…”

“My husband didn’t support me…”

“I didn’t have the money…”

Ever notice it’s never the right time?

Ever notice everyone isn’t supportive at the same time?

Ever notice you never have the money?




None of these excuses are the reason. The reason you didn’t succeed is because of fear.

You and I both know it and I’m here to “special delivery” your personalized bullshit gut check.

What I want you to know is that it’s OKAY to be afraid.  We’re all afraid to fail. Hell, some of us are even afraid to succeed.

What’s NOT okay.

What will NEVER be acceptable.

And what I FORBID you to do is…

Allow that fear to control your life.

Run you off from your dreams and bully you to the point where you’re so insecure about making any life-changing decisions for yourself that you depend on others to make those decisions for you.

It’s alright to be afraid.

It’s not alright to live in that fear and stay paralyzed.

You MUST instead turn into the tsunami of fear, face it down and tell it to…


Because quite frankly, fear is your brain’s natural human response when it senses it may be in danger. The brain doesn’t know and can’t tell the difference between real fear and perceived fear.

And when you look at it that way, it’s not even personal. Your brain is just doing its job.

So do yours.

Thank it for keeping you safe and then tell it you no longer need its protection in that way.

Maybe you did once when you were a child, but you are older, wiser and know what’s best for you.

It’s calculated action in the face of fear that will determine your success.

Want to know the great news?

I mean this is truly terrific.

It’s going to make you want to limo surf down the middle of Times Square during a Christmas blizzard because you can’t feel the frostbite and to hell with anyone who disagrees with your choice of song pumping in the background (Bee Gees, anyone?)




I’m going to break it down for you right now. Ready? Here we go!

  1. Go with something you really love AND something that really sells. Now I’m not going to pump rainbow cotton candy up your butt and tell you it’s a sunshine candy parade (but who wouldn’t attend one of those, right?)I am going to tell you that there is a balance between what you love to sell and solving a very lucrative problem for people. You just need to find it. The best way to find it is to start from a heart of service. Who do you want to help most? Who could you show up for everyday, deliver massive value and then ask for the sale? Find THOSE people.
  2. Get group support. And I don’t mean inside a smoky community service center reeking of day old danish and desperation. Get around like-minded women entrepreneurs like you who know what it’s like to struggle and succeed in business.You need a balance of both experiences, so you have someone to look up to and someone you can help. It’s impossible to do this alone, yet we’re all trying to wear a thousand ton badge of honor as if the amount of pain we went through means we deserve it more. Your business doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t require struggle.
  3. Stay consistent. This is probably THE KEY to business success. Too often we’ll try something new for a day, a week, or a month and then give up when we don’t get the results we expected. KEEP GOING! The beautiful thing about almost any marketing technique is that it WILL work as long as you stay consistent.

That means showing up every single day, delivering value and asking for the sale.




I spent years chasing that stupid shiny ball. All it led me too was a series of dizzy and extremely unpleasant crying spells. The SECOND I started implementing the above steps, my business changed. It’s honestly that simple.

WE make it hard.

WE overthink it.

And it’s up to US to change that.

Stay focused, get the momentum going and keep it by staying consistent, and commit to following through by leading with a heart of service.

I PROMISE that if you follow these simple steps listed above, you will start to see your business change fast.

Until next time,



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