Today, I want to talk to you about the top seven struggles that you’re facing as a business owner. I’m going to show you how to move past them.


Struggle #1: You’re Working Way Too Hard or Way Too Little

You’ve written yourself a handy dandy master list of “to do” items. Plodding away on social media, writing emails, trying to figure out whether you should buy a new software program and doing everything BUT those activities that actually drive sales. It’s what I call “busy work.” It makes you feel like you’re running your business, but at the end of the day very little is accomplished and even less money is made.


Stop doing everything you THINK you need to do and focus on the 10-20% that brings in sales. That means prospecting on Facebook, cold emailing/calling people, networking, and building funnels that drive them to your offer.


Struggle #2: Your Prices Are Too Low

Selling low-priced courses or monthly memberships means you have to get even more eyes on your business. This literally means for you to even have a CHANCE to succeed, you need thousands of people to engage with your message and content to make enough money. Think about it… Thousands of people. That’s ridiculously inefficient!

Are most people able to do this? No. It’s getting more expensive to reach people like that.

(NOTE: I was even recommending this model up until last year, when it stopped having traction. The market has changed!)


Create higher-priced offerings 1-to-1 or small group to help your audience. This allows you to create a business connecting to just a few people per week instead of thousands. It becomes a natural extension of you being you rather than doing all these things you think you have to do.

It’s SOOOO much simpler to work that way. No more feeling like you have to have hundreds of people attend a webinar just to make a few sales, etc.


Struggle #3: You Are Struggling To Get Leads/Clients

This is really connected to many other things, like weak messaging (see below), and building a business around who you are already connected to.


Start thinking closer to home. Who are you naturally engaging with in day-to-day life? Where do your ideal clients like to hang out? Are you showing up there? Do you have a natural method for engaging with them and turning them into clients? Focus on these things instead of massive campaigns.


Struggle #4: Your Niche Or Messaging Is Too Vague/Not Specific Enough 

A lot of people I spoke with have great skills to share, but they aren’t sharing them in a way that matches specific situations their ideal clients are experiencing right now.It's a lot of work to run a successful online business. If you struggle with lead generation, niche marketing ideas, or sales strategy- I've got some solutions for you! Click to find out more. #pamelajoandale #onlinebusiness


Get familiar with who you want to serve and what’s the biggest challenge they’re facing right now.

Consider what problems you are really PASSIONATE about solving and equipped to solve for them.

And finally, TAKE A STAND for your clients. Don’t just put an idea out there and expect someone to buy it. Be committed to a greater mission and cause and your potential clients will literally FEEL your commitment and be drawn to work with you.


Struggle #5: You Are Burnt Out And Not Loving The Business Or Career You Created For Yourself 

This breaks my heart! I can personally relate to this with my own business. Life’s too short to be miserable in a job we don’t enjoy. We are here on this Earth to enjoy life and be fulfilled by sharing our greatest gifts and creating a better world.


There is really so much behind creating a business we are passionate about and love. Part of the answer is doing the things we’ve already talked about.

One thing that can work RIGHT NOW  is to make a list of all the things you can say you are done with and then replace it with the things you want to do more of. Simple as that. (Yes, you might need a plan for how to implement this over time too.)

Another is to get recommitted to your mission – the cause behind why you started your business in the first place.


Struggle #6: You Have Been Trying To Follow Formulas But Haven’t Had Actual Feedback On Your Business 

Related back to the first problem… Just because someone is making millions with webinars, doesn’t mean we are positioned to do the same. This goes for just about anything: Podcasting, courses, social media, ads, and so on… It’s not enough just to copy what other people have done that lead them to success.


What I found is, people really need direct feedback and very customized solutions to their business – rather than “one-size-fits-all” stuff. 
They need to work with someone to get their business model down, to get feedback on their messaging, their pricing, their offers, their content… EVERYTHING.

Overall, it’s so much harder to self-generate all this rather than have someone facilitate it for you, right?


Struggle #7: You Know You Need Help But Think You Can’t Possibly Afford It

This one is so easy to understand… How can we possibly get help when we have no money to hire someone to help us get ahead?


Just about any business venture requires some sort of investment. You can get a loan, borrow money, put it on a credit card, get committed to selling more now, sell something you aren’t using…

I get it… It gets annoying hearing people tell you “where there’s a will, there’s a way” – but it’s the truth! I’ve had that happen to me many times over. The key is to get clear if it’s something you ACTUALLY want and will ACTUALLY help you – then explore pathways to make it happen.

My favorite mantra is “Make It Work”.


Good news, you don’t have to do it all by yourself!

This is an ACTUAL session with me – someone who has grown his business to above 6-figures… Someone who has worked and consulted with people starting from scratch all the way up to 7-figure entrepreneurs, companies and organizations…

These sessions aren’t focused on selling something to you – although we can explore that at the end of the session if you’d like.

To be totally transparent, my intention is this:

  • To help you bring forth what you are most passionate about and what the world NEEDS most from you now.
  • To open you up to a new way of doing business that is super FUN and truly FULFILLING.
  • To make such a POWERFUL difference in your life and business that it’s a no-brainer for you to work with me. (Assuming it’s a fit for both of us.)

So here’s to you creating your next highly-profitable, transformational offering and creating a business and life you love! That is what I am standing for… I’m standing for YOU.

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