You don’t need a beautiful and expensive website to be successful. The idea that the perfect website will bring you success is a myth, and if you pursue it, you’ll lose valuable time and money.

Let’s be perfectly clear: a stunning logo is not what will make or break your business today.

I want to be sure you understand where to spend your time, energy and money to be successful online today.  One thing for sure is it is not a $5000 – $10,000 website. Or spending a month or more on getting your logo just right.

This is precious time that you could be using to get your much-needed gifts, talents and message out to the people that need them.


You need to get your message in front of people as quickly as possible to test and adjust.


Instead of spending time and money on “pretty,” you need to get your message out there to the people who need to hear it. It’s time to remove the barriers between you and the people that need you.

You need to remove the “fluff”.

All of that “pretty” and “fluff” just gets in the way. It gets in between you and your clients. Even more important, it gets in between your clients and the sale.

The simplest (some would call them “plain”), most blah designs I have made in Clickfunnels have 60 – 95% conversion rates.

And that is why you and I are here, running an online business right?

 24 tools you can use to snoop at your favorite brands landing pages, sales funnels and websites. SSHHHH! Not to copy copy but to be inspired by and to help you understand what things look like under the hood. #pamelajoandale #landingpage #salesfunnel #salesfunneldesign #design



Turning lookers into buyers.

I have never made my final decision to work with someone because their website, guide, or business card was “pretty”. Note I said “final” decision. Eye-catching design has its place, but it’s not what you may think.

Focus on THIS instead!

A business today must make it easy and clear on how to buy.

Do not put up barriers in between your clients and customers and making money. Every step of the buying process should be clean and simple.


There is a Lot of Bad Advice Out There About How to Build a Business Online Today.


Some of this bad advice you hear every day: build a website, get business cards, and post on social media.

Gah! Makes me hurl!

It is not 2008 folks, hell it isn’t even 2017 anymore… it is 2018 and that advice just won’t cut it!

Sales Funnels Are The Future.

It’s as simple as that. You need a funnel up and running and you need one quick. You need it to be functional and not pretty so that you can cut through the noise and get right to what your clients need.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a guide that will allow you to do just that. With these resources, you’ll have your funnel up and running quickly, easily, and for $0.


And no. You don’t need a logo either.


During the first interaction someone has with you and your business, the logo is irrelevant. They aren’t going to care! Only after that does it need to be shown to remind them of who you are. Even then, it doesn’t matter really whether it was $0 or $1000. It just needs to represent you in a professional way.

Why? Because your logo can actually be distracting. Plus, all those images slow things down, send the wrong message, and (other than some basic color psychology) it’s all a waste of your precious time.

You need to make money and quickly or you will go out of business.

So are you saying ugly is ok?

No, UGLY is not okay.  But…

Having a beautiful website might make a difference in my purchasing behavior if I wanted a beautiful website too. BUT if I couldn’t reach them, their order process was complicated or it took too many steps…that would turn me off no matter how pretty the site was!

If it was all over the place, jumping from one page to another page to another and back, if it was difficult to contact them… These are deal breakers in the end – not the design.

I have in just the last month tried to contact 2 people via their website to purchase something and received no answer from either of them. They lost my business.

It’s as simple as that! The website was in the way – it was inefficient in processing the transaction.

When you hit pay dirt and you have extra time and money, then by all means spend it on a gorgeous (and functional) website if that’s what you want. But please don’t do it to “make sales”.

You can make do with very little at low cost until then.

A visual brand can be “pretty,” beautiful, and functional for very little with a little guidance and the right tools.

And I have the guide for you!


But What if I Already Have Visual Branding?


If you have visual branding on your website it may not carry over to sales funnels due to limitations in the software. Don’t let that hold you back! Sales funnel software is there to convert so it needs to load quickly. People will abandon pages in 4 seconds or less these days if they don’t see something happening.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to create a $1,000,000 visual brand for $0. It will allow you to build a funnel that will convert. A funnel that will load on mobile, that will load fast, and that will allow you to get your message in front of the people that need it when they need it so that they will take action.

Download it here.

Unfuglify Your Funnel Guide

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