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Ok, when I or others make this proclamation it is not that the thing is actually dead, but rather, the way in which we think of it at that time (and all the practices that are informed by that conception) are dead.

In 2018, web pages themselves are no longer the center of the Internet experience.

How do I know that websites are dead?

By asking this question: Does your website generate you leads and make you money?

It’s good practice to question the ‘norm’ on a regular basis. It’s easy to carry on doing what you have always done, or what others are doing, even when there is evidence to the contrary.

People who lose their relevance get stuck in the past because they’re no longer in the present moment.

Marc Benioff, Founder of Salesforce

Once, a long long time ago, websites were the only way you and I could access content.

At that time, your website was EVERYTHING. Today it is a PART of your business marketing strategy. But, so many people are still marketing like it’s 1999, 2004 or 2016.

The invention of the mobile device has changed marketing forever.

What was your goal when starting your business?

Quit your dreaded 9-5, make a little extra money to send a child to college, to get your message out to the world?

For me, it is a little of all 3.

Perhaps, like me, your entrepreneurial journey looks a little like ours:

  • Got an idea for a business
  • Built a website
  • Waited for clients to come – they did not
  • So started posting on social media telling everyone all about my amazing stuff
  • Nobody bought – had no idea anyone even came to our website
  • Got frustrated
  • Posted even more
  • Worked 60 hours a week and became exhausted
  • Quit for a week – then for good
  • Started again
  • Did the same thing but harder this time
  • Revamped my offerings because I thought my products/services were not good enough
  • Quit again
  • Started AGAIN with another angle/brand  Tips for building a sales funnel that is designed for converting leads to sales. A regular website won't cut it for lead generation any longer... learn how a sales funnel that is designed properly will generate those leads! #pamelajoandale
  • Changed the website – the logo would work this time for sure
  • Posted on social media again
  • Try a different social media platform
  • Nobody bought… seems like nobody cared
  • Quit AGAIN….
  • But I had a dream…
  • Took MORE training
  • Hired a coach
  • Went head first, full speed ahead determined THIS time it would work
  • Ran out of money
  • QUIT

You get the picture yes?

It was an exhausting cycle. I soon realized I was not alone.

Many do the same thing and they are left hoping, like me, that potential clients/customers would find their way to the product page of my website by themselves and take the actions I wanted them to take.

And I found out the hard way… They Don’t!

I realized one of a couple things happened:

1). Potential clients/customers would be frustrated by not finding exactly what they’re looking for and they’d immediately bounce or

2). They’ll get distracted by my About page, or the blog, or my favorite the Instagram icon and then they are gone, never to return again.

Because that is what I would do.

We needed to wake up… and become more self-aware of our own behavior online.

I, along with everyone I know, have the attention spans of a nat!

If I was going to make it in this crazy entrepreneur world I needed to build a functioning business

I then found Sales Funnels. (Que the Music)

Seriously, I was thinking where have these been, and they were right under my nose… I was paying for Clickfunnels for years but I was not using funnels in my business. I was still working harder, faster and smarter doing the same things I was always doing.

But, as for everyone, there comes a time to stop playing business and to start doing business.

Sales funnels will make you do that. They did for me and I find they do the same for every business I work with.

I realized that today to make it in business it is about making it as easy as possible for people to buy stuff.

Getting the sale closer to the consumer.

What matters the most is what’s happening in the life of the person using that screen.

In today’s world, anything that hinders mobility and agility will lead to failure.

Ignoring this shift will lead to failure.

Today, do you really want or need to go to a company’s website to get the information you need?

Do you really have time to search through a website to get the one thing you need?

Do your clients?


How do you get a functioning business in 2018?

Ask yourself this: “What is the most important action someone could take in your business right now?”

  1. Buy your ____________
  2. Schedule a __________
  3. Register for __________
  4. Fill out a ____________

Then put a funnel in place for them to do so?

Sending people to your website is like sending them into a brick wall.

And you’re leaving money on the table because you’re splitting the attention of your visitors in many different ways.

The success of your business is TRAFFIC and more importantly where are you directing that traffic.

You must direct the traffic to take the actions you want them to take as they will get distracted and never be seen again.

Ask yourself these questions:

Where is the traffic coming from and what do you want them to do when they get there?

Whether paid or organic your success in business is all about traffic.

So the #1 rule in traffic:

It’s this:

Never send traffic to your homepage. NEVER Ever.

Think about it…

If somebody clicks an ad or the link in your Instagram bio for a very specific offer or to get more info and they get dumped onto a home page after the click – they’re confused.

They don’t know what they’re supposed to DO!

You should never have your Call To Action be sending people to your homepage or website. Because home pages are like the junk drawer of a website.

They’re not focused on getting people to do ONE THING.

With any call to action, your goal is to get people to do ONE THING – opt-in to your offer, book an appt, register for a webinar. If you’re sending people to a home page, it’s confusing, distracting, and just plain crazy.

Today, it is all about landing pages.

I beg you to make sure you never, ever, EVER send traffic to your website.

You need to send people to landing pages.

They need ONE THING to do, not 20.

A sales funnel does just that. Sales funnels take proplr through a process. They take your potential clients/customers down a predetermined path to a desired outcome.

Sales funnels are the evolution of a website.

Russell Brunson, the owner of Clickfunnels calls a good funnel an ATM – a cash machine.

Sales funnels will make you money a lot of money if you do them right.

You are spending all this time, energy and money to make this business idea of yours work.

You need a sales funnel.

I need a sales funnel, you need a sales funnel….everyone needs a sales funnel…. but only if you want to succeed in business in the Fall of 2017 and beyond.

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Sales Funnels Are The Future!

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