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You’ve heard the phrase “sales funnel” before. If you haven’t….


Well, hang on because they are going to take over the internet marketing world.

It’s fast becoming the biggest buzzword in business.  However, a lot of people have no clue what a sales funnel is and why you really, really need one!


So, what exactly is a “sales funnel” and how does it differ from the average website?

A sales funnel is a pathway of carefully designed web pages that lead potential clients or customers to the desired result. That result could be their decision to buy your product, a client call booked, or anything else.

Using a URL or web address, you send people to the very first page in your sales funnel. The first page in the funnel looks like a regular website with one exception. It only has ONE choice for them to move forward by taking a specific action. This action could be entering their name or their email. Performing that action then leads them through a series of more web pages, one after another, that take them down the path to the decision you want them to make.

If they choose not to complete the action at any point, they “abandon” the funnel. The most important aspect of a funnel is that there is only one direction they can go: the way you want them to. If they don’t take that action, the only other choice is to abandon the process.

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Sales Funnel Vs. Website.

This “single action” is what sets a sales funnel apart from regular websites. On any normal website, there are many actions they can take. In a sales funnel, you are guiding potential clients down a path that you have predetermined for them to take. You are in control of the direction of traffic.

When someone lands on a website, they can go to multiple pages and places without entering information.

Then, they leave. What is a sales funnel and why does every online business owner need one? Click to find out what a sales funnel is, and how it can help you get more leads, more sales, and more customers! #pamelajoandale #salesfunnels #digitalmarketing #conversions

At this point, those people are gone – and chances are, you’ll never see them again!


And that, my friends, is why we have sales funnels.

In a sales funnel, you choose the steps that you want people to take toward a certain action or outcome.

You literally “funnel” them into the specific “container” that you want them in so that you can sell them something. Once someone has entered your funnel, they give you contact information so that you can reach out later and continue to nurture your relationship with them.


The number one reason why this is so important?

You need leads and buyers to stay in business.

That’s kind of a “duh” statement, but it’s reality! If you don’t capture leads and turn them into buyers, how are you going to pay your bills, much less stay in business?

Consumers today are so busy. They are so easily distracted that when they go to a website they forget why they are there. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by all the “things” to look at and something else grabs their attention.

If the consumer is not “guided” through a set of actions to get what they want, they will bounce to another site or place online. They’ll head right back to social media where they’ll end up following another shiny trail to someone else’s funnel.

That potential customer or buyer is gone. You have no idea why he was there, what he wanted, or why he left and how to get him back.

If your website is your primary source of leads, it’s costing you! You had their attention (just for a moment or two) and you needed to capitalize on that, but a website isn’t set up to do what you need it to.


The difference between a hobby business and a money-making business.

CONVERSION. Converting lookers to buyers.

Let’s talk conversion rates. When someone encounters your business online, you need to “convert” that person from a casual visitor to an engaged follower and then to a client/consumer/buyer. And, the higher the conversion percentage the better!

A website today converts at 1-10%. That means that out of every 100 people who click on your website, 1 to 10 of them may come back to buy something.  

That’s 90 people you’re not converting into loyal customers…and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars you’re losing.

On the other hand, a sales funnel can convert up to 100%.  I’ve been successful at getting anywhere from 25-95% conversion on a page.

That is huge!

Why settle for just 1 to 10 new leads when you could be getting 25 to 95? These numbers change the game big time.

On a website, there is so much going on that you have no idea why visitors are bouncing – and not converting.

A sales funnel will give you those numbers.

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What do you want the user to do?

A sales funnel presents an offer – one offer – to the marketplace to see if they want to buy it for the price you have set and in the way that you have presented it.


You want them to take that offer.

But, if they don’t take your offer, what do you do? With a website, it’s almost impossible to guess what turned them off and sent them away. You simply don’t have enough data to make the necessary adjustments to make the right offers to the right people. In a sales funnel, though, you can see right off when your leads turn away and you can adjust that specific point.

Sales funnels force you to build a “functioning” business by building offers that the marketplace wants. You will know when it’s a functioning business because you’ll have the data and the conversions (or lack of them) to help you identify what to change and improve.


Sales funnels remove the guesswork and make the next steps simple.

With the right software, you can take payments right in your sales funnel. This lets you have people purchase on the second or third page of your funnel and helps you determine the buyers from the lookers.

A great sales funnel has a core strategy behind it, leading your prospective clients right where you want them to go. Combine a sexy offer along with an amazing follow-up plan for those who abandon the funnel before purchasing, and you can eventually turn those skeptics into buyers as well!

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