Do you know why we’re all walking around frustrated, cynical and uninspired?


Being unfulfilled is the WORST, but for most people existing on the planet they don’t know they’re unfulfilled. They feel the pain and unhappiness, but they’re consumed with the day-to-day to-do list of social expectations society sets in front of them.

Those expectations that absolutely dictate what direction their life heads. 

They’re so distracted with these tasks that most of the time they don’t think about how unfulfilled they are.

“Busy work” isn’t the same thing as “meaningful work.”

Staying busy keeps you preoccupied from noticing what’s going on around you. It doesn’t fulfill you or have you jumping out of bed in the morning excited about life and the part you play in it. It just keeps you unfulfilled. Deliriously unfulfilled.

You know why? No higher purpose to shoot for. Nobody’s searching for life-changing opportunities they can jump into and affect the world. We used to dream about doing something bold with our lives.

Being the one who was “different.”  

Volunteering for that mission group to go overseas and spread messages of love while healing sick children.

Getting that masters in engineering and then building a new community with your bare hands in a third world country that you personally helped save lives.

Remember her?


And then you got caught up in the daily competition of life with others in it. Life’s checklist got longer and the time you had for your dreams got shorter.

Now you’re headed in the direction of a retirement plan to collect your pension and settle into a life of mediocrity.

  • No more dreams.
  • No more goals.
  • No more life.

Why are we still accepting this?

Why are we still subscribing to society’s expectations for what we SHOULD do with our lives? When did we trade our fire and spirit for holding our hands out for a bi-weekly check and stale coffee?

An even more important question, how long are you going to continue to accept it?


And you’re letting it slip away.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

I have great news, though. There’s a solution and it doesn’t require a major rework of your existing life.

Start investing in yourself.

Stop brushing off budding ideas about that language you’d love to learn, or that craft workshop from your favorite artist.

Have the courage to stand up for your wants and needs. You’re so busy taking care of everyone else that you deny yourself simple pleasures that wouldn’t even cost a lot for you to have.

For me it started with socks.. I’ll tell you that story another time..

Why do we do that?

You don’t need anyone’s permission to love your life. You don’t have to check with anyone to make sure it’s okay. Stand up and count yourself because we both know you haven’t been. And that’s a travesty. It’s necessary to put yourself first as a priority, so that you can take care of others.

There are so many beautiful experiences on this Earth.

Start signing up for some of them.

Give yourself permission to indulge in your own life.

To Living Free,



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