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offering a no-BullShit approach to mastering the client game and build a successful coaching business.




If you’re launching a new life coaching business or trying to resurrect one From The Ashes, there’s one thing that you need to make your business work -- clients.

Stand Up To Stand Out!

Marketing in 2021 is not for the meek.

You “try” to choose a niche that you think is going to be profitable.

You “try” to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.

You “try” to get clients...

And Crickets…

You are missing a key ingredient.

Why you need more than a niche in 2021.

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Learn The "Key" To Getting Clients In 2021.


Live Workshops - Immediate Implementation

Possibility & Productivity

You think you have a "time management" issue...

What if "procrastination" and "lazy" are not real things?

What if the goals you set for yourself are the wrong goals - for you?

What if it was not a "planner" issue?

There is nothing wrong with you! You CAN achieve the dreams and goals you have for yourself, your family, and your life.

The Visibility Code

You didn't start a business to stay small.

You know you need to become more visible online so what is stopping you?

I think you are not being honest with yourself and are trying to do what others are doing and not what is best for you.


Most people's understanding of confidence is wrong....

Low self-confidence is like going through life with the handbrake on.

I am going to show you how to show up as a powerhouse in your life and in your business.

It's time, isn't it?


Pamela is a master of how to get, sell and retain clients!

Pamela has helped me completely change the trajectory of my business. She guided me in figuring out who my ideal clients are, how to target them, and how to seal the deal!

With her methods, I not only have an efficient plan for each day but a model for how to continue supporting each client in a way that makes them excited to work with me.

I now know how to get new clients to buy into my services and to sell my services at a price point that is truly what I'm worth rather than at an hourly rate.

Mandy Barrett, Owner

Why do I think I can help....

MEET Pamela Dale

I am like the best friend you wish you had!

Use this area to tell your story. Talk about your failure when you first started looking for a solution. Maybe there was a conspiracy against you, a false belief, a misunderstanding.

I wanted freedom, so I started my own coaching business. It looked so easy, get certified and the dollar$ would just roll in. But they didn't...

I could not get a client for my life!

I was looking at my bank account and realized I had spent so much money but had not made any. Sound familiar?

I could not continue - I had to get clients or get a job. GASP.

So, I quit coaching... Seemed logical at the time.

The thought of working for someone else made me sick to my stomach so I did the next best thing and started learning and teaching marketing... But I came up against the same issue...

I couldn't get a client - at least not a paying client...

I had to get serious and figure this thing out. And I did..

Once I mastered the "Client Game" I never looked back.

Stick around and I'll help you do the same.


Ready To Take You & Your Business To The Next Level?

Imagine someone who can serve as both a loving mirror for you and a living example of what’s possible…

Put all of that together and that begins to get close to describing the role I play in my work.

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Some Of My Recent Rants!

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Yep, You Gotta Show Up.

9 Visibility Tips - Get Seen, Be Heard, Get Paid

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The #1 Business Killer!

Your Compulsive Need to Be Liked is Killing Your Business

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No matter how sexy of an offer you are presenting, it’s the copy that will convince your readers to keep… reading, keep clicking, and eventually, to hand over payment for your coaching!

Visibility is the presence of your brand online.

It’s the answer to growing a business online, so why don’t more of us actually do the things we need to do to become visible?

Ah, you were taught to be a "Good Girl". You did the right and acceptable things. Made sense as a child. But to run a successful business being "liked" will keep you miserable and poor.


Her belief in me gave me the confidence to pursue a career I never thought was possible...

I first contacted Pamela because I was having trouble getting clients. I saw an interview with her and knew I had to speak with her. She was so fierce, yet real and vulnerable.

After a couple of sessions with her, in which she made me feel not only respected but cared for, I revealed my secret dream of becoming a coach myself. Pamela wholeheartedly encouraged it.

Additionally, she helped me set up a plan regarding the coaching business and walked me through the business aspect. I learned all about funnels, service provider webinars, lead magnets, and the new Funnel Gorgeous application, which has since replaced several applications I was using.

I know I can always count on Pamela to not only help me but do it with the utmost kindness.

Elizabeth Morrison-Thron, Coach

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