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Pamela Dale - GHL

She has over 10 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, and coach, helping powerhouse entrepreneurs

innovate and grow.

Pamela is an official HighLevel™ Partner, certified as a Master Marketer by Funnel Gorgeous Society™, and trainer for some of the biggest names in the online education industry, including Peng Joon, Jody Milward, and Julia Taylor.

She believes that the only way to run a profitable (and freedom-oriented) business is to add a monthly recurring revenue stream.

Pamela lives by the beach in Mexico with her husband, eats tacos every day, and loves helping amazing entrepreneurs change the world.



As online business owners, the struggle to keep money coming in the door on a regular basis is real.

It ain’t 2018 and businesses fueled by Facebook ads are no longer your ATM in the basement.

So what’s an entrepreneur to do if she wants to create and scale a business that helps her achieve everything on her vision board?

The answer: a monthly recurring revenue source (aka: MRR).

Great idea! On paper.

It turns out that the actual building, running, and maintenance of an MRR stream is, like, really complicated.

Pamela Dale -MRR
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No Need For Tape

You’ve got landing pages, payment gateways, email lists, SMS messaging, course areas - so many different functions to be able to take a customer from top to bottom.

And all these functions? Spread out as far as the eye can see across at least a dozen SaaS platforms - and those are just the well-known ones.

Sure, you can get them to talk to each other using a third-party app and some duct tape, but …

We all know the truth.

I was ready to spend the rest of my days outwitting rogue web hooks when someone told me about Go HighLevel™ (GHL).

Honest to God, my first thought was that I hoped this wasn’t another poorly-built, bro marketing platform. But when I truly learned the actual capability of GHL, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

GHL is 14 (fourteen!!) systems in one - so there’s no need for duct tape. Not only that, but GHL has incredible opportunities for customization and functionality - and the company lives up to the hype by offering amazing support and customer-requested updates.

But that’s not even the best part! With GHL Agency Pro, you have the capability of building your own white-label SaaS company.

Remember when we talked about MRR? Well, software is the BEST MRR available.

Make it Happen
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See, this is how I look at it:

We’re constantly driving our customers to use some sort of software - whether it’s to access things like training or because we’re recommending a big company’s SaaS platform for sending emails, landing pages, yada-yada …

I figured, why not drive them to a platform WE OWN?

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Marketing Pamela Dale


Go HighLevel™ is just a marketing app, and - without a seasoned pro who knows what the hell she’s doing - you might find yourself leaving potentially millions in revenue on the table.

This is where I come in.

Like I told you, I fell in love with GHL because it’s an unlimited, all-in-one solution that has the functionality I can trust.

Because I work exclusively with GHL, I live, eat, and breathe the software. I’m basically a GHL genie; bring your ideas to me, and I’ll make them fucking happen.

But that’s not even the best part …

I know marketing, sales and tech.

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I’ve spent 10 years working with entrepreneurs like you and I’m a certified Master Marketer by Funnel Gorgeous Society™. That means, not only am I the best consultant for GHL,

but I can also strategize like a mofo.

Ready to get Started?

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Here's what I believe:


When Women Have Money

The clients I work with are powerhouses and visionaries. I believe their ambitions will touch every part of our society.

Because when women make money, they make things better for everyone and everything around them.

I’m dedicated to joining forces with my clients using Go HighLevelas their vehicle for success.

powerhouses and visionaries - Pamela
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